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?Why Atrin Technologists

Features of Atrin Technologists in site and application design

Unique ideas

Highest satisfaction percentage

Precise timing

Identify the target market

Satisfied customers

Experienced specialists

six years of experience

Reliable support


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Atrin Technologists

Website design, mobile application design, software programming, content production

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Customer Atrin



Atrin Fanavaran Company is a registered private joint stock company. This company has five years of official activity. It is also licensed by the trade union system and has a trust mark. Other reasons you should choose this company are the use of force. Expert, young and experienced in this field.


Another important point, It is a sense of commitment and responsibility towards the customer that motivates everyone to choose the most technologists.

The main focus of this company, as we mentioned before, is in the field of website design, application design, SEO and Google advertising and custom software.

It is possible for you to contact us in person or to contact us through the company’s contact numbers. Also, if it is not possible for you to call or attend, please contact us by email.

Phone: ۶۹ ۹۷ ۶۵۶ ۰۹۱۳

Address: Isfahan, Imam Hossein Square (Government Gate), Jahan Nama Citadel
Phase 3 Floor 3 Unit 306

In answer to this question, it should be stated. Exact time estimation is not possible because it depends on the project and customer orders. Time estimation is different for each project, but another way to understand the project time. In the plans section on the site See.

Because it is possible to customize the design of the site, application, etc., each person may need special capabilities; Therefore, it is not possible to estimate the exact cost, but you can see the cost of ordinary projects in the tariffs section

All projects carried out by Atrin Technologists have six months of real support completely free of charge, and you no longer have to worry about the next problems that may occur to you after the site is delivered. It should be noted that before you receive the project, a face-to-face meeting is prepared to fully test the project

About Atrin Technologists

Atrin Fanavaran Zande Rood Company (Private Joint Stock Company) with registration number 67210 started its activities in 1996 in Jahan Nama Citadel located in Isfahan, and according to the progress of work and receiving Numerous projects in the field of website design, custom software, applications, SEO and site optimization and advertising Google, your services Expanded.

One of the developments of Atrin Fanavaran Company is the use of experienced and specialized personnel and performing quality projects, according to the taste and request Customer over the past several years. All staff of Atrin Fanavaran Company work according to their specialized field, which includes server programming, Android, IOS, web-based software and website design with WordPress

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